Candiace Dillard is an American TV personality who was born on December 14, 1986, in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. She grew up with her parents that belong to the Black American ethnicity in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Howard University. And she loves to read, sing and is a very hardworking person. Her career was opened when she won the Miss United States 2013. She also appeared in the Bravo Reality Show and Real Housewives of Potomac.

Currently, she is the CEO of Candiace Dillard Pageant Consulting. Before she appeared in Real Housewives of Potomac, she pursued her career in the music industry together with AshleyDarby and released their own music in 2018. Her new song titled “Drive Back” was dedicated to her lover which began to trend nowadays. The former and the latter were compared because some say the latter has an auto-tune that she strongly disagrees with.

The song was all about her husband whom she really loves. You can infer that love conquers all when you try to hear the song. So, to download Candiace Dillard Music Video- Drive Back, you need an alternative method to do this. The song is available on Spotify and Youtube. If you don’t know the process on how to download Candiace Dillard Music Video on Youtube, a third-party tool like VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS is the one you’re looking for.

Download Candiace Dillard Music Video Free using its free trial version for offline listening.
It will let you download and record one song at a time for up to 1 minute. If ever you want to try multiple downloading, upgrade your version by clicking the link below.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to has a lot of songs to download easily. It will be your lead to download Candiace Dillard Music Video with Lyrics using the Audio to Text function of the software. You can also use the search engine to look for the artists then the lists of songs will be displayed on your screen for faster downloading. If in case the downloading feature cannot be accessible, a recording function will record your song.

Download Candiace Dillard Music Video- Copy and Paste Method

Step 1: Do Candiace Dillard Music Video Download by Copying Music’s URL

Go to the site and search for Candiace Dillard Music Video- Drive Back then copy its URL at the top search bar.

download candiace dillard music video, copy url

Step 2: Paste URL to Download

To paste the copied URL, head on to the VideoPower YELLOW application and click the “Download” tab. Then, hit the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon to head you to the next window. Under the “URL” is a box where you paste your copied URL to download. If everything was set, click “Add to Download” to begin downloading your music.

download candiace dillard music video, paste url

Step 3: See the Progress of Downloads

Once you click the “Add to Download” button, your file will be automatically transferred under the “Downloading” tab. Check this section for you to see its progress.

download candiace dillard music video, music downloading

Step 4: Enjoy Listening to your Download

Your download is now complete after a few moments. You can opt to download another music or double-click the file to have it auto-play using the built-in mp3 player. You can also download the mp3 file to your device and listen to it offline.

download candiace dillard music video, complete downloading

Alternative Way to Download Candiace Dillard Music Videos

Step 1: Impose Recording Format

To ensure a quick and seamless recording, make sure you specify the suitable audio format before you begin. Go to the software and simply select the “format” button under the “Record” menu to choose your audio format. Then there will be a drop-down menu with a list of supported formats; select the appropriate output format and continue with the recording procedure.

download candiace dillard music video, set recording formatt

Step 2: Play the Drive Back Music Music to Record

Go to the software to click the “record” button. After it, head back to the Youtube site to click the “Play” button of your music begin recording.

mdownload candiace dillard music video, play music

The music you play will be immediately recorded by the software. If needed, you can pause your recording by clicking the “Pause” button. Once done, simply tap the “Stop” button.

download candiace dillard music video, stop recording

Step 3: Open and Enjoy the Recorded Music

The song will appear in your “library” once the recording is complete. All of the recorded music’s information will be identified and tags will be added to your recorded file thanks to the software’s unique function. Simply right-click the music file and choose “Open Folder” to open and play the recorded music. Then you’ll be taken to the location of the recorded file’s folder, where you can listen to it.

download candiace dillard music video, complete recording


Candiace Dillard is well-known in television and the music industry. You’ll want to bounce your head and listen to all of her songs even more after hearing her music. It will also assist you in releasing stress from your daily routines.

VideoPower YELLOW is required to download Candiace Dillard Music Video. It will allow you to download all of Candiace Dillard’s songs as well as that of other well-known musicians. You can be sure that your downloads are safe if you use this tool. It will download many kinds of music from various websites. This software also has a fantastic feature that allows you to create your own playlists and customize them according to your preferred genre.

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