Kerrang, Download Kerrang Music Kerrang is a British magazine website containing genres of rock music and heavy metal. The word “Kerrang” is an onomatopoeic word derived from the sound bent from the electric guitar – “Kerrang!”. It focuses on British heavy metals and hard rock works. The site has a simple interface and is easy to navigate to every page. It offers a variety of categories to explore such as home, news, video, feature, and reviews. On the homepage, it features all the top trending and latest stories about each category. Whether you sign in or not, you can access its pages for free.

Filtering capabilities are something this website needs. The search box is the only way to find the music you are looking for. With massive archives, advanced filtering tools for easier access will be useful. Since videos are embedded from YouTube, some of the music is not available for download. Download Kerrang music directly to the website for easy access with third-party tools like VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

Using the free trial edition of Kerrang downloader, you can download one audio and records up to one minute only. But if you want to do unlimited recording, you can use the upgraded version.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to will free you from stress when it comes to downloading. This software is licensed throughout life and includes a variety of feature, such as multi-functional recording and downloading music. The ID3 tags identifier will specify the information included in the music you downloaded. You can download as many songs as you like and use the search engine to find them quickly.

Method 1: Download Music From Kerrang

Step 1: To Download Kerrang Music, Copy Its URL

Go to the Kerrang website and find the music you want to download. Copy the URL once you find it.

Download Kerrang Music, copy url

Step 2: Paste The Music URL For Download Kerrang Music

Select the “Video to MP3 Converter” button from the “download” menu. When a pop-up window appears, place the music you copied in the “URL” section, then adjust the format and quality. After that, click “Add Download” to add it to your download list.

grab music, downloading process

Step 3: Check The Kerrang Download Progress

You will find all the music you downloaded in the “Download.”This page allows you to track the progress of downloading each song on the list.

download music, check the file

Step 4: Kerrang Music Download Completed

If you have completed all the songs you have downloaded, they will be added to the “Completed” list immediately. For more options, right-click the video file.

download music, check the file

Method 2: Recording Music From Kerrang

Step 1: Set The Correct Recording Format

Set the correct output format to ensure your device’s compatibility. To do this, click “Format” for your choice.

record Kerrang, choose recording mode

Step 2: Get Ready To Start For Your Recording

In your web browser, open the Kerrang website and browse your desired music play.

record Kerrang, start recording

To start recording, go to the software and click the “Record” button below. Then go back to your web browser to play Kerrang music. Software will record music playing When you’re done, press the “stop” button on the software.

record Kerrang, play the music

Step 3: Check The Location Of The Kerrang Recorded Music Folder

All the music you record is stored in your “Library.”The file name will be replaced by the original track title if the software recognizes the music. To check the location of the recorded music folder, just right-click the music file and select “Open folder”.

record Kerrang, play recorded music


If you love heavy metal and rock music fanatics, Kerrang is a perfect place to visit. It contains video, news, and interviews about this genre. It would also be great to download Kerrang music offline.

We have many benefits from the VideoPower YELLOW application as it has many feature available to us. One of the best benefits is that it allows you to instantly download Kerrang music. This is a modern technology to make downloading from Kerrang easier and safer. You can use the search box feature directly to browse specific music. When it comes to recording, you can choose any format you want. Besides downloading and burning, the software also has an ID3 tag identifier, CD burner, editor, and converter function.

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