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There’s definitely a charm of mystery and adventure in Middle Ages music. Something that is full of drama and stories to tell. Like what we often hear and watch in medieval movies where the jester tells stories through musical ballads. On YouTube, you can find lots of medieval music to explore. Some can be used as good background music, while some are fun to just indulge to immerse in the fantasy adventure. Like thrilling and upbeat medieval instrumental music.

Although there are lots of free videos and YouTube downloaders available online, they have limitations and restrictions. Some can only download a few minutes long. Some can only download a few MB file size. We all know that is not enough – so searching for Middle Ages music free download will be quite a challenge.

You can try to to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

Grab all of your Middle Ages music download on YouTube by using the VideoPower YELLOW trial version below!
The free trial version is limited to downloading one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 minutes. For downloading multiple videos at once and unlimited recording duration, please upgrade to the full version

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ZEUS can do what the VideoPower YELLOW can do and more with an almost similar interface.
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By using VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to, you can download as many Middle Ages music you like – without any limitations or restrictions! Be it an hour or 8 hours long. You can also easily download YouTube videos straight into mp3 file format so you can enjoy listening offline.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Music URL

Step 1: Copy URL of Middle Ages music

Open your browser and go to YouTube. Search for your preferred Middle Ages music and copy the URL from the top search bar.

middle ages music download, medieval, ambience

Step 2: Launch VideoPower YELLOW

Launch your VideoPower YELLOW and on the (1) Download Tab, click the (2) Video to Mp3 Converter on the top right side of the software.

(3) Paste the copied URL from the video. Make sure you choose the high-quality download settings and choose your preferred audio file format.

When everything is set for download, click (4) Add to Download to start.

middle ages music download, medieval, download mp3

Step 3: Downloading

After Step 2, you will automatically be redirected to the downloading queue. Wait a few minutes until your download is finished.

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Step 4: Download Complete

When the download is complete, you can either double-click the file to autoplay using the software’s built-in audio player – or you can repeat the same steps above to download more calm music.

medieval music, mp3 download, downloading

Method 2: Audio Record

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

Open your browser and search for the video you want to record. Click the video and let it load completely.

record audio, recording music

Step 2: Launch VideoPower YELLOW

Launch your VideoPower YELLOW and on the Record Tab, click the Record button to start recording. Once it begins, quickly play the video from YouTube to record its audio.

record audio, recording music

Step 3: Recording Finished

Once the recording is done, simply click the stop button to automatically saved the audio recording. The recorded audio will be saved as track and will automatically save necessary audio information such as title, album photo and category.
To play, simply double-click the file.

record audio, recording music


Because of Middle Ages peculiar music alongside their odd but very beautiful instruments, many people are interested in that genre. Many are still studying or exploring different Middle Ages music. Some people are also into ambient music. Such as Middle Ages music village ambience, or fantasy medieval ambiance. Either way, you can easily do Middle Ages music download by using VideoPower YELLOW.

By using the software, you don’t have to worry about the limitations or the music length. Because of its automated mp3 download function, you don’t have to search for another software to convert mp4 to mp3. The software is also packed with other features such as recording and mp3 converter so you can also convert your files into different audio formats.

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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