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One of the biggest boybands in the world right now is engraving a name on the music industry. Bangtan Sonyeondan or most popularly known as BTS – is no doubt the star of all the stars, especially in the KPOP industry. Their raw singing talents and captivating dancing skills – all 7 boy members of this band shine individually and collectively at the same time. With MTV’s star-studded shows, it’s no wonder that the BTS Unplugged session that streamed last February 2021 became a sudden hit. With this amazing set of playlists to listen to and jam over and over again, many Armies or BTS fans keep on searching for ways to do MTV music download with tools like VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

By using VideoPower YELLOW, you have multiple ways to search and download any of your favorite BTS songs online through its built-in browser or through the copy-paste URL method. Aside from this, the software can also do high-quality audio recordings to listen to your favorite songs that can’t be downloaded. With this, search MTV music videos download free, or MTV music songs download can finally end!

Download all BTS songs for offline jamming by downloading VideoPower YELLOW trial version below!
The free trial version is limited to downloading one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 minutes. For downloading multiple videos at once and unlimited recording duration, please upgrade to the full version

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

Although countless downloaders are available and can easily be found through Google, by using VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to, you can easily download BTS Unplugged videos into mp3 in just a single click.

BTS Unplugged Mp3– MTV Music Download

Step 1: Copy URL

Open your browser and on the top search bar, head to youtube and search for BTS Unplugged MTV Music. Look for the video you want to download and copy the video URL from the top search bar.
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Step 2: Launch VideoPower YELLOW

Launch your VideoPower YELLOW and on the (1) Download Tab, click the (2) Video to Mp3 Converter on the top right side of the software.

(3) Paste the copied URL from the video. Make sure you choose the high-quality download settings and choose your preferred audio file format.

When everything is set for download, click (4) Add to Download to start.
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Step 3: Downloading

After clicking the Add To Download, you will automatically be redirected to the downloading queue. Wait for a few seconds or minutes till your download is complete.
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Step 4: Download Complete.

A few minutes later, your BTS Unplugged download is now ready. Double-click the file to start autoplay using the software’s built-in music player.

*You can click the Folder icon to open the location folder of your downloaded music*

After this, you can either jam and dance to your favorite Vevo songs or repeat the process above and download other music live performances – for your offline listening!

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In just a few simple steps, you can download and save all of the BTS Unplugged versions from MTV directly to your computer or devices. With
VideoPower YELLOW high-quality download capabilities, it will almost feel like you’re listening to BTS live! By upgrading to the full version of the software, you will no longer have the need to search for an alternative MTV music download software because VideoPower YELLOW will save you from all the hassle – and get everything for your mp3 needs!

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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