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When we talked about VEVO-certified music, most people think that it is some sort of music certification or verification – but most likely, VEVO means that music has been produced by big or major label groups such as SONY, Universal Music Group, or an independent music distributor – which is partnered with VEVO.

VEVO aims to bring quality music videos to fans and other music lovers by uploading content to its partner such as YouTube. Most A-list or famous musicians, bands, and groups nowadays are Vevo-certified, so searching for a good Vevo music downloader – should be a software that doesn’t diminish the quality of music when it’s been downloaded. By using VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS, searching for Vevo songs downloads can be so easy and as fast as a few clicks away! Plus there are multiple ways to download your favorite Vevo songs in just 3 – 5 simple steps.

Download all your favorite Vevo-certified for offline jamming by downloading VideoPower YELLOW trial version below!
The free trial version is limited to downloading one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 minutes. For downloading multiple videos at once and unlimited recording duration, please upgrade to the full version!

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With VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to, you can be sure to download your favorite Vevo music in the best quality possible while storing it on your computer or device for offline jamming.

Method 1: Download from YouTube

Step 1: Go to YouTube and copy the URL

Open your browser and on the top search bar, head to and search your favorite Vevo-certified music. After deciding, simply copy the URL from the top search bar of your browser.

*Note: For this example, we’re going to download Doja Cat’s – Get Into It (Yuh).*

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Step 2: Launch VideoPower YELLOW

Launch your VideoPower YELLOW and on the (1) Download Tab, click the (2) Video to Mp3 Converter on the top right side of the software.

(3) Paste the copied URL from the video. Make sure you choose the high-quality download settings and choose your preferred audio file format.

When everything is set for download, click (4) Add to Download to start.

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Step 3: Downloading

After this, you will be redirected to the downloading queue. Wait for a few minutes till your download is video, doja cat music, vevo songs

Step 4: Download Complete. Play or Download Music Again

After a few minutes or seconds, your Vevo song download is now ready. Double-click the file to start autoplay using the software’s built-in music player.

*You can click the Folder icon to open the location folder of your downloaded music*

After this, you can either jam and dance to your favorite Vevo songs or repeat the process above and download other music live performances – for your offline listening!

download complete, vevo songs download, vevo music

Method 2: Use VideoPower YELLOW Music Search

Step 1:Launch VideoPower Yellow

To easily download music without opening your browser, launch VideoPower Yellow. Go to the Search Tab and look for the music you want to download.

To make sure that the music is exactly what you want, click the (1) earphone icon beside the song track, otherwise, when you want to download click the (2) download button

*Note: For this example, we’re going to download Doja Cat’s – Get Into It (Yuh).*

vevo music downloader, vevo, vevo music

Step 2: Download

By clicking the download button right beside the song’s track information, the downloading file will automatically start under the Downloading Tab. Wait for a few seconds to finish the download.

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Step 3: Download Complete. Play or Download More

When the download is completed, go to the Completed section of the Download Tab. You can either double-click the file to start autoplay or repeat the steps above to download more Vevo songs.doja cat, download complete, vevo download


In just 3 clicks and steps, you can easily download all of your favorite Vevo songs and music for your offline listening. Be it slow ballad, R&B, modern pop songs, country music, or even Kpop and Jpop, VEVO has complete records of every famous and trending soundtrack published.

By downloading and upgrading to the full version of Vevo music downloaderVideoPower YELLOW, you can easily download ALL of your favorite music online through YouTube or by using the Search function of the software.

With multiple ways to grab your music, you will no longer have to look for the second-best Vevo music downloader online!

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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